New hybrid varieties of watermelons became available for landowners of Turkmenistan

New hybrid varieties of watermelons became available for landowners of Turkmenistan

Farmers of Turkmenistan got the opportunity to expand the varietal range of grown watermelons.

The official distributor of agricultural products HM. Clause (USA), Hazera (Israel) and Bakker Brothers (Netherlands) offers watermelon hybrids, adopted specifically to the dry and hot climate of Turkmenistan. These are the latest innovations of breeding developments of the world’s leading seed producers, which will permit to get a high yield of juicy fruits in the shortest possible time.

At present time the “Crimson Sweet” variety is available, and also the “Zodiac F1”, “Ataman F1”.

The growing season of the “Crimson Sweet” variety – is 85 days. The weight of one fruit is approximately 10-12 kg. This strong plant is grown in open ground and is resistant to direct sunlight. The fruits have the quality to be stored for a long time.

“Zodiac F1” – is a hybrid with large elongated fruits for the main growing season. Suits for all types of soil. The standard oval fruit reaches a weight of about 11-14 kg, sometimes up to 16 kg.

The modern watermelon hybrid “Ataman F1” refers to varieties of early ripening: the fruits ripen on the 55-56th day after germination. It is available to get more than 100 tons of watermelons per hectare while growing on drip irrigation.

More detailed information about these hybrids can be found in the seed catalog on the distributor's website.

Let us remind you, that modern varietal seeds and hybrids of vegetable crops also can be found in the catalog. Besides them, BARENBRUG's drought-tolerant grass mixture Water Saver is available from this supplier for landscaping lawns.


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