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Onlaýn taksi service in Ashgabat started showing the cost of the trip in the app before ordering

Onlaýn taksi service in Ashgabat started showing the cost of the trip in the app before ordering

The Onlaýn taksi app users in Ashgabat got the opportunity to find out the preliminary cost of the trip before ordering a taxi.

We try to make the Onlaýn taksi service simpler and more convenient. The new feature permits you to know the cost of trips in advance and gives you full control over expenses, the developers of the application explained.

It is possible to check fare information, calculate the preliminary cost of the trip, rate the driver and evaluate the quality of the services provided, by leaving a review in the Onlaýn taksi mobile app.

The app can be downloaded on any device, that supports iOS and Android systems. The order of a trip by the short number – 0655 is also available.

The final price of the trip may change due to significant re-routing or unscheduled stops. The service will recalculate the cost according to the standard scheme, adding minutes and kilometers at the end of the cost.

At the same time, the minimum cost of a trip in Ashgabat under the Standard, Standard 2 and Okuwçy tariffs unchanged. The minimum limit for all tariffs is – 20 manats.


The cost of calling a taxi is 7 manats from 6:00 to 14:00. The trip for each kilometer is estimated at 1 manat 20 tenge. For the first two minutes after the delivery of the car, no waiting fee is charged. The next minutes of downtime will cost 70 tenge.

Standard 2

The cost of car delivery is 9 manats from 14:00 to 06:00. The service charges 1,44 TMT for each traveled kilometer. For waiting, a fee will also be charged starting from the third minute – 90 tenge each.


The cost of ordering a taxi is 7 manats. The price for 1 km on the way is 2 manats. The first two minutes of waiting are free. Subsequent – 90 tenge.

Payment for trips with Onlaýn taksi is carried out in any way convenient for the passenger. Both in cash and by card to the driver of the vehicle.

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