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The main part of the Trans-Caspian connector project is estimated at 400 million USD


The project on a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan through Azerbaijan to other countries, according to preliminary estimates, requires an investment of 400 million USD and will take about four months.

Natalie Costello director of the advisory committee of Trans Caspian Resources stated about this during the International Oil and Gas forum.

The infrastructure available in Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea will be the foundation for the implementation of the project. The Trans-Caspian connector will allow Turkmenistan to arrange the supply of 10-12 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year to countries, that need this fuel.

According to Costello, Ashgabat will receive an additional direction for the export of its resources and diversify their supplies.

It should be noted, that the total reserves of natural gas in Turkmenistan are estimated at 50 trillion cubic meters. at present time Turkmenistan exports blue fuel to PRC and Russia, and also the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline is underway.

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