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Britain's oldest pub closes after 1229 years

Britain's oldest pub closes after 1229 years

The oldest pub in the UK Ye Olde Fighting Cocks has closed its doors. The reason for the closure of the drinking establishment was the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions.

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks was opened in 793 in St. Albans near London. For 1229 years of its existence, the institution survived wars, epidemics, financial crises, but could not cope with the pandemic.

The closure of the oldest pub was announced by the owner Christo Tofalli on his Facebook page. According to the Briton, he is heartbroken both because of the tragic end of the historic pub, and because of the fate of his employees, who over the years have become almost one family. He added that, despite the closure, the Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub has already entered its name in the history of the country, reports

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