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New online taxi ordering service launched in Turkmenistan - Onlaýn taksi


The Open Joint Stock Company Awtomobil ulag hyzmaty launched a new online taxi ordering service in Ashgabat. The mobile application was named Onlaýn taksi (Online taxi).

Simple and intuitive interface will help user to quickly order a car online directly from the application. Onlaýn taksi is currently available for free download only on the Android platform.

After installing the application on your smartphone, the software will determine the location of the phone using GPS, and inform a driver of details of a possible passenger.

When placing an order, you only need to enter the exact destination address. Audio notification will inform passengers of car arrival. SMS notification with the trip cost will come after arrival at the destination.

The trip history will also be displayed in the application. For additional convenience of users, the "favorite destinations" function is available, where you can specify the addresses to which trips are most often made.

At the moment, the fare can be paid in cash and by bank card through the terminal to a driver. Online payments are planned to be introduced soon.

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