China has created a four-legged yak robot

China has created a four-legged yak robot

The largest four-legged electric powered bionic robot was created in China. According to with reference to the Global Times, the yak robot will help the military in the delivery of goods and reconnaissance missions.

Despite the fact, that the robot is the largest in its class, it is highly maneuverable. So, he can move forward and backward, turn and walk diagonally, run and jump without losing his footing, thanks to 12 sets of articulated modules. In addition, the yak robot easily adapts to different types of terrain, can be equipped with weapons, can carry up to 160 kg of payload and reach speeds of up to 10 km/h.

The four-legged bionic robot can not only collect tactical information on the battlefield, but is also capable of delivering various supplies to places where conventional vehicles are difficult to reach. As noted in the publication, the robot will become part of reconnaissance missions in difficult conditions.

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