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Meat production grows in the eastern region of Turkmenistan

Meat production grows in the eastern region of Turkmenistan

Entrepreneurs of Lebap velayat produced more than 323 tons of meat in 2021, which is almost twice as much as in 2020, reports “Turkmenistan: Golden Age”.

In December alone, the volume of meat produced amounted to more than 42 tons. Thus, the residents of the region were provided with a high-quality environmentally friendly product for the New Year holiday.

Members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs - the dayhan association Medetkär, which supplied 8.55 tons of meat to the trade network, as well as private farms of Soltan Genjiev and Jemshit Temorov, who produced 21 and 13 tons of meat, respectively, distinguished themselves.

The achievements of the Lebap livestock breeders are the result of a successfully implemented public-private partnership, the introduction of advanced technologies and scientific developments into the industry, the information says.

Recall that in 2021, entrepreneurs privatized about 100 livestock farms in Ahal, Lebap and Mary velayats.

Livestock breeders-members of the UIET were allocated more than 33,144 hectares of land for the production of fodder crops.

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