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New feature TV movie tells about Turkmen archery athletes

New feature TV movie tells about Turkmen archery athletes

Every year, the national Turkmen television channel Türkmenistan Sport creates TV films about various sports that are actively developing in the country. And now, another TV show - a short feature film Mergenlik mekdebi, which tells about archery athletes. This is reported by the publication “Turkmenistan: Golden Age”.

The National Archery Federation was registered in 2015, so this sport in Turkmenistan is relatively young, but gaining popularity.

The level of training of athletes is growing every year, therefore, inspired by the successes of juniors, television crews started shooting the film.

According to director Hanjar Sopyev, it all started with the idea to make a film about one of the Olympic sports, and archery is exactly that.

“Many of our athletes are making progress and can already take part in the Olympic Games,” he notes.

According to the plot, the hero of the film, Aman, has the same dream every night in which he shoots at a target with a bow. One day, returning home, he saw the training of professional athletes. The coach drew attention to the interest of the guy and offers to try to shoot at the target. For the first time, picking up a sports bow, Aman falls into the top ten.

The script for the film was written by Shirin Mammetmuradova. The role of the novice athlete is played by theater actor Alp Arslan Vepa Hommatberdyev. The current mentor of Turkmen archers Vepa Sahedov acted as a coach. Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Akmurat Archikov and actress Gulnar Shukretdinova also starred in the film.

The premiere of the TV movie took place on the air of the Türkmenistan Sport channel.

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