Service Alabays will hold exercises in Turkmenistan

Service Alabays will hold exercises in Turkmenistan

Special training events in cynology are planned to be held in Turkmenistan. They will be organized by the International Association of Turkmen Alabay in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, head of the International Association of Turkmen Alabay Serdar Berdimuhamedov announced this at a meeting of the State Security Council held today.

As noted, the military and law enforcement agencies, being members of the International Association of the Turkmen Alabay, actively use the Turkmen Alabay in the work of the relevant units, in particular, in the border troops, the protection of state and special facilities, at customs and migration points.

The preservation and popularization of the national historical and cultural heritage in the world is among the priorities of state policy. Thanks to the full support of the head of state, large-scale work is being carried out to increase the number of Alabays, preserve the purity of the breed, and transfer the art of dog breeding to the younger generations.

In April of this year, for the first time, together with the National holiday of the Turkmen horse, the Day of the Turkmen Alabay was celebrated, within the framework of which the international competition “Ýylyň türkmen edermen alabaýy” (“Brave Turkmen Alabay of the Year”) was held. This title was awarded to the Turkmen alabay Akhan, owned by the State Border Service.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that alabay is among the national treasures of the people, like an Akhal-Teke horse and a beautiful carpet, which originate from the depths of centuries. In this regard, an important aspect of the large-scale work carried out in this area is the development of the selection of Turkmen Alabay, the further improvement of this unique breed.

“We should continue to take the necessary measures to promote, protect, breed, preserve their population, including at the international level,” the head of state said, addressing a number of specific instructions to the Deputy Prime Minister, the head of the Association.

The leader of the nation made a special emphasis on the importance of training service dogs for law enforcement agencies, ordering to continue to carry out purposeful work in this area, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

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