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Greenhouses started growing papayas in Turkmenistan

Greenhouses started growing papayas in Turkmenistan

The “Ferhar” economic society for the first time began to experimentally grow papaya, the “Vatan” news program of the Turkmen television reported.

Specially tall greenhouses have been built for such exotic fruits at the enterprise in Mary velayat. Papaya grows up to 5 meters. Heat, light and moisture are the main ingredients for making exotic plants feel comfortable.

As an ingredient in salads, snacks or just for dessert, this fruit is useful in any form. Ripe papaya fruits are a source of fructose, glucose, vitamins E, D, A and C.

Let us remind you that “Ferhar” is the first company to open a banana industry in Turkmenistan. The company began its activities in November 2017, and the first harvest of bananas was received in March 2019. Currently, there are about 2 thousand banana roots in the greenhouse.

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