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Turkmenistan continues to increase tomato exports to Russia

Turkmenistan continues to increase tomato exports to Russia

The export of greenhouse tomatoes to Russia from Turkmenistan has almost doubled in 8 months of 2021 — up to 32 thousand tons.

Thus, Turkmenistan occupies the 4th position in the ranking of the largest suppliers of greenhouse tomatoes to Russia.

Turkmenistan's expansion into this market has become a real sensation of the year, EastFruit analysts say.

In the Russian market, Turkmenistan has already been able to bypass such countries as Armenia, Kazakhstan, China, Iran and Egypt in terms of exports.

Turkmen entrepreneurs grow various high-yielding varieties of tomatoes, including cherry tomatoes, rugantino, fulton, which have become very popular in the world.

Tomatoes in Turkmenistan are produced in greenhouse conditions all year round. Equipment for this purpose is purchased mainly in European countries, and cultivation technologies are used the most advanced and proven to be highly effective.

In 2020, members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan grew and exported 37 thousand 750 tons of tomatoes to foreign markets.

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