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Täze Usul ES presents compressor equipment to the attention of consumers


Täze Usul is the official supplier of equipment for the Turkish brand Dalgakiran.

Dalgakiran is one of the world's five leading manufacturers of compressor technology. A wide range of equipment is presented: piston, screw, oil and oil-free compressors, air tanks, filters, high pressure compressors, nitrogen generators, booster and turbo compressors, mobile with diesel engines and other accessories that are a necessary attribute in production.

Modern compressor equipment is used in various technological processes in many industries, such as chemical, metallurgical, gas and construction. Compressor units are units for compressing air and its subsequent use in various types of industrial equipment and pneumatic tools.

In its work, the business company Täze Usul is guided by the good quality of the service provided, the reliability of the products provided, as well as an individual approach to each client. A wide range of services and equipment is an indisputable advantage of the enterprise.

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