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Ambulances in Ashgabat are equipped with GPS trackers

Ambulances in Ashgabat are equipped with GPS trackers

Ambulances of the Emergency Ambulance Center of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan are equipped with GPS trackers, which make it possible to track the movement of teams using an electronic map of Ashgabat. Director of the Emergency Ambulance Center Cherkez Hannyev told about this in the pages of the newspaper Neytralny Turkmenistan.

“The GPS communication system is being improved and meets the high requirements of modern medicine. This makes it possible to more economically and effectively use a factor so valuable for human health - time, to send an ambulance car closest to the patient's address to call, having determined its location on the electronic map of Ashgabat.

The work of specialized teams is being improved, which provide urgent assistance to the population in cardiology, neurology, intensive care, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery and traumatology.

Using a GPS system or walkie-talkie, doctors keep in touch with the recipient of the call or on the way to emergency hospitals. In the event of difficult situations, a doctor or a paramedic who is on call, using a walkie-talkie, can consult with the senior doctor on duty of the Center to make a decision on patient management. In addition, the call service can be consulted by phone at any time. Two senior doctors are constantly on duty here. One consults by phone, the other supervises the work of mobile teams”, said Cherkez Hannyev.

The Emergency Ambulance Center with a functioning ambulance call service, located in a 10-storey building with 200 beds and equipped with modern equipment, was put into operation on July 21, 2014. The medical facility consists of an operating room, a burn department, a department of endoscopic surgery, neurotraumatology, thoraco-abdominal surgery, general surgery and intensive care for 18 beds.

The introduction of GPS tracking significantly increases the efficiency of using the ambulance fleet and optimizes the work of a medical institution.

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