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School supplies for the new academic year - from Turkmen manufacturers


A little more than a month left before the start of the school year, and many parents are beginning to be tormented by the question: how to assemble a complete school kit for their child, including clothes, school supplies, schoolbag, and where to find all these things at reasonable prices.

Domestic enterprises, in turn, also aim to ensure that all children have equal access to quality school supplies. In this regard, for the period of opening school bazaars, Turkmen manufacturers prepare a wide range of products at optimal prices.

For example, school clothes for boys and girls are made by such brands as “Yeniş”, “Gala”, Turkmenbashi jeans complex and others. The clothes of these manufacturers are always of excellent quality and are sold at the most affordable prices.

Children's school and sports shoes are produced by the shoe factories “TG Aýakgap”, “Rowşen”, “MB Shoes”.

As for educational supplies, diaries, copybooks and student notebooks are published by many state and private domestic printing houses in the velayats and Ashgabat. So, last year, right by the beginning of the school year, Lebap velayat printing house published 100 thousand student diaries for boys and girls. This year, the number of domestic stationery will be increased.

Also, last year the Dashoguz garment factory “Çeper” of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan launched a new type of product - school backpacks. Following this example, other textile industries in the country also began to master this type of product, which will be presented in abundance at school fairs this season.

Already in mid-August, hundreds of specialized outlets with goods for the school will open throughout the country. This year, our enterprises will invariably supply bright and varied products to school bazaars.

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