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“Hazar logistik” turkmen company offers to use sea transportation services


Domestic IE “Hazar logistik”, which has many years of experience in the field of logistics, warehousing, distribution, freight and supply chain management, offers to use the services of its Caspian logistics team for sea transportation.

In cooperation with leading cargo lines and international ports, “Hazar logistik” provides:

  • Prompt loading work into containers, focusing on actual loads;
  • Fast delivery of containers arriving at the port;
  • Guaranteed execution of all accompanying documents.

“Hazar logistik” performs full-fledged container transportation and complex operations, applying an individual approach to each client.

Port agency services are also provided, namely:

  • Fast mooring of the vessel from the roadstead to the berth;
  • All types of port services;
  • Implementation of loading and unloading, the work involves simultaneously two lifting cranes;
  • Registration of customs procedures (control of the correctness of filling out the accompanying documents)

The goal of the company is to build long-term cooperation with its customers, in this regard, the team of professionals actively applies many years of positive experience in all areas of service.

High-tech systems, state-of-the-art logistics tools and equipment, dedicated rescuers, specialized services and a commitment to reducing costs for its customers help the company to provide successful logistics solutions.

We previously reported that Three offices of “Hazar logistik” in Turkmenistan provide uninterrupted logistics services.

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