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Bossan Concept store announces the arrival of new types of swings

Bossan Concept store announces the arrival of new types of swings

The Bossan concept store of furniture and accessories for the garden and balconies has a large supply of original and comfortable garden hanging swing chairs.

Wicker swing chairs are designed for both one and two or three people. For convenience and softness, pillows and mattresses are attached to them. The shape of the seats partially repeats the curves of the human body, which makes them even more comfortable.

This model of swing is designed for one person. Its rounded shape in combination with soft pillows will allow you to sit comfortably on the seat and relax the back muscles.

This model, also for one person, allows you to take a reclining position, and a small canopy will hide from the sun or rain.

A comfortable swing chair with a canopy. It can be used as a small but comfortable chair.

A wide range of suspended chairs will give you the opportunity to choose a shade to your taste and will suit any exterior.

A comfortable swing chair with an elongated seat supporting the legs is ideal for relaxing.

The cocoon-shaped swing creates a sense of privacy even in a noisy company. Soft pillows support the back and also add comfort.

Suspended swing chairs will allow you to have a good time, and their original design will decorate any yard or loggia.

In the Bossan concept yard and garden accessories store, you can find not only swings, but also other types of garden furniture, as well as stylish lamps and chandeliers, and other decorative elements.

The store has a small corner with sweets from Elif desserts, where you can sit down and relax. The assortment of desserts is new every day, you can also take them with you or arrange home delivery.

Address: 27 Mollanepesa Street, “Dürdäneli” shopping center (stage 15).

Phone numbers for inquiries: +99312 44-55-54, +99365 72-60-60.

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