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The President of Turkmenistan opened an international airport in Kerki

The President of Turkmenistan opened an international airport in Kerki

Today, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening of the International Airport in the city of Kerki, the “Vatan” news program of the Turkmen television reported.

The air harbor, built by the Turkmen builders, is designed to serve 100 passengers per hour, providing safe, reliable and efficient flights.

“The construction of the International Airport in the city of Kerki, which is a large industrial center of the velayat, will expand the possibilities of domestic civil aviation, will contribute to the implementation of high-level passenger and cargo air transportation, create favorable conditions for the development of tourism in the region, and increase economic cooperation with neighboring countries,” he said. Berdimuhamedov speaking at the opening ceremony.

Having cut the symbolic ribbon, the President of Turkmenistan, accompanied by the participants of the ceremony, goes to the building of the passenger terminal, where young Turkmen citizens in the form of aviators greet him with their perky performance.

Having warmly greeted the youngsters, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov goes to the check-in counter in the airport's departure hall.

Here, the head of state was solemnly presented with the first passenger ticket of the new Kerki International Airport.

The air terminal complex is equipped with specialized equipment that meets international standards and requirements in all respects.

Considering the location of the city, as well as the geostrategic significance of the new air harbor in Central and South Asia, Kerki Airport is intended to become a kind of air bridge of friendship and brotherhood, contributing to the strengthening of peace, trust and stability in this part of the planet.

According to the Decree of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, signed on February 22, 2019, the construction of this important facility, commissioned by the “Türkmenhowaýollary” agency, was carried out by the individual enterprise “Gündogdy”, which has solid experience in commissioning such infrastructure facilities for civil aviation. Earlier, a private construction company successfully completed the turnkey construction of the International Airport Complex in the administrative center of Lebap velayat - Turkmenabat.

The project of the new airport was carried out taking into account innovative technologies and advanced achievements in this area.

Original design and engineering solutions were embodied in the appearance of the passenger terminal building with a total area of 2,221 square meters with a control tower of 31.7 meters in height.

The terminal halls have solid UV protective glazing with a ceiling height of 6 to 9 meters, high-quality wear-resistant materials were used in their decoration and cladding. The building provides for the main lobby, which houses the areas for baggage and carry-on luggage, initial screening, ticket offices, information desk, a buffet with a cafeteria, souvenir and newsstands, a pharmacy, a medical office, and waiting areas for departing passengers and accompanying persons.

The departure hall has 120 seats. There is a mother and child room, a cafe and other appropriate premises. Thus, the terminal has created maximum comfort for passengers, including people with disabilities, for whom convenient ramps and ramps, threshold-free crossings are intended.

It is noteworthy that for the first time the airport in Kerki appeared 75 years ago, when an order was signed to create an airfield in this city. Then the planes landed and took off from the takir on the banks of the Amyderya near the village of Samsonov. Flights began in March 1946. Once a week by Po-2, passengers from the city on the Amyderya were delivered to Ashgabat and Mary. For many years, planes and helicopters flew from the unpaved runway to Gaurdak, Charjov, Garametniyaz, Zahmet and other settlements, until in 1974 a reinforced concrete runway was built, on which aircraft of a new type began to land.

The construction of a new ultra-modern air harbor in Kerki was another step in the formation of a modern transport and logistics infrastructure in the country. With its commissioning, ample opportunities open up for the implementation of international flights to many countries of the world, the reception and highly efficient servicing of transit flights.

The head of state oversees the landing of the first-ever new airport liner. A new Boeing 777-200 LR landed on the runway, followed by a military transport aircraft.

It should be noted that the airport's artificial runway is equipped with modern signaling, ornithological, radio engineering and navigation systems.

The area of the airfield itself is 42 thousand 282 square meters. At the same time, it can park two large aircraft and four helicopters. Its infrastructure also includes an emergency and fire service building, a technical block, a checkpoint, a garage for special vehicles, and other auxiliary facilities.

The territory adjacent to the airport is fully landscaped. The complex also includes the station square, parking lots for passengers and airport employees, and a bus stop.

In a word, Kerki International Airport fully meets modern requirements and international standards, primarily in the field of flight safety and a high level of passenger service.

Thus, with the beginning of the functioning of the new air harbor, another impetus was given to the development of domestic aviation, which is of great importance for all sectors and segments of the national economy, all areas of multifaceted interstate relations and multilevel international contacts.

In memory of the significant event, the President of Turkmenistan goes to the CIP-hall and makes an entry in the Book of Honorary Guests.

On behalf of the labor collective of the “Türkmenhowaýollary” agency, the head of state was presented with a memorable gift - a beautiful handmade carpet.

Upon completion of the opening ceremony of Kerki International Airport, the President of Turkmenistan flew to Turkmenabat. Together with him, members of the government and a couple of newlyweds were on the same plane, which was blessed by the head of state on board the liner, wishing the newlyweds health and family happiness.

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