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Parrots spotted in Ashgabat parks

Parrots spotted in Ashgabat parks

A flock of 16-18 individuals is observed in the parks of the capital by Alexander Bagramov, an employee of the Nature Conservation Society of Turkmenistan, about which he wrote an essay on the pages of the electronic journal of the State Publishing Service of the country.

The author suggests that the flock was formed from two parrots, which he noticed in the greenery of one of the Ashgabat parks four years ago. Obviously, the birds flew out of the cage and took root in the urban environment, hiding and feeding in the dense green of the tree crowns. Bagramov regularly watched birds, and claims that now the parrot family has grown significantly.

Parrots feed on seeds and buds of trees, gnaw pods of gleditsia and Japanese sophora brushes. The author of the essay even managed to take unique photographs.

In winter, parrots get seeds from the limp bumps of maklura. This spring, he was lucky enough to see four parrots sitting on a blossoming apricot tree and eating flowers and young buds with appetite.

Ashgabat parrots are brave birds and can stand up for themselves. There was such a case, says Bagramov, when a gray crow flew into a young parrot, peacefully devouring fruits on a tree. The parrot, with an alarming cry, tried to hide, but the crow ran after him. The situation changed immediately - several parrots attacked the crow, and she, croaking in fright, got away.

Like their tropical cousins, parrots love fruits. When visiting his favorites, Bagramov takes with him a piece of banana, orange or apple and leaves it in a conspicuous place on a tree, in the hope that the birds will notice the delicacies.

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