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90% of JSCB “Rysgal” customers use Internet banking

90% of JSCB “Rysgal” customers use Internet banking

90% of the clients of “Rysgal” Joint Stock Commercial Bank use the Internet banking service.

This digital banking service of remote payment allows you to make money transfers and payments via the Internet without visiting a bank. Using Internet banking, bank customers can see the amount of the balance on their account, the procedure for payments of loans and deposits, foreign exchange rates. Here it is also possible to transfer wages to employees.

According to the “Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy in Turkmenistan for 2019-2025”, great attention is paid to the implementation of the digital system in the sector of the national economy of the country.

Innovative digital banking in a market economy is providing a major boost to competitiveness in trade and services. The introduction of new modern technologies in banking institutions makes it possible to introduce new types of services into use.

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