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Turkmenistan produced 2,100 tons of silkworm cocoons

Turkmenistan produced 2,100 tons of silkworm cocoons

Turkmenistan has produced 2,100 tons of silkworm cocoons, a valuable high-quality raw material for the textile industry. Vice-premier Esenmyrat Orazgeldiev reported to the President of Turkmenistan on the fulfillment of contractual obligations by domestic sericulturists at a working video broadcast held today, the information program “Vatan” of the Turkmen television reported.

It should be noted that sericulture is one of the leading branches of the local agricultural industry and is widespread throughout the country, with the exception of the western regions. At the same time, more than half of the cocoon harvesting falls on Lebap velayat of the country.

Among the leading enterprises of the industry are the Turkmenabat Grenage Plant, the Ashgabat Silk-winding Factory and the Turkmenabat Silk Production Association.

Turkmenistan is the birthplace of the silk homespun fabric “keteni”. Turkmens, as experts note, have been successfully engaged in sericulture since ancient times. Their homespun fabric, due to its strength, as well as the brightness and beauty of the pattern, was very much appreciated and in great demand.

Famous museums in Egypt, Great Britain, and the United States store samples of ancient silk fabrics made in the ancient Turkmen city of Merv.

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