Vegetable production in Turkmenistan increased by 4 times

Vegetable production in Turkmenistan increased by 4 times

According to the information of the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan, the production of vegetables in January-April 2021 y. in Turkmenistan increased by 26.7% compared to the same period in 2020 y.

As noted in the message, these indicators were achieved due to the increase in the number of state and private greenhouses.

The impact of the creation of new greenhouses on the harvest of local vegetables was especially noticeable during the winter months of this year. Vegetable production in January increased by 31.9%, and in February this figure reached 41.7%.

At the same time, in January-April 2021 y., the production of fruits in Turkmenistan increased by 4.6%, and potatoes - by 0.7%.

New greenhouses were commissioned in all regions of our country in March of this year. These greenhouses constructed by Turkmen entrepreneurs are intended for the production of 8,750 tons of vegetables per year.

With their commissioning, about 400 new jobs were created.

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