Footwear under the trademark “Gerchek” attracts the attention of the exhibition participants

Footwear under the trademark “Gerchek” attracts the attention of the exhibition participants

During the exhibition of the achievements of the Trade complex, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan and held on May 30-31, an Individual enterprise, producing footwear under the “Gerchek” trademark from Mary city took part.

The specialists of the Enterprise widely presented at the stands of the exhibition various samples of modern and high-quality professional footwear for men, women, children and teenagers, and also designed for employees of medical institutions. Among the products of the Enterprise are sports shoes, boots used in the household, winter fur shoes and others.

Also, the experts introduced the visitors to the Exhibition with the peculiarities of the work of this Individual enterprise, told about its production capacity, technical equipment and technological base.

As already noted, the Individual enterprise, created in 2015 year, producing shoes under the “Gerchek” brand, has the capacity to produce 20.5 million pairs of shoes per year. The Enterprise is equipped with modern technologies, which allows its specialists to control the working equipment in an automatic mode. This ensures fast and uninterruptable production. The marking and design of footwear is carried out using special laser equipment.

Various quality raw materials are used in the production of modern footwear under the “Gerchek” trademark, which is in great demand among local and foreign consumers, Currently, the products of this Individual enterprise are exported to Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

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