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Turkmen Carpet Day celebrated in Turkmenistan

Turkmen Carpet Day celebrated in Turkmenistan

Today, celebrations on the occasion of the significant date of the national calendar - the Day of the Turkmen Carpet, celebrated annually on the last Sunday of May, were held on a large scale throughout the country, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

The main events took place in Ashgabat, where an exhibition of products of the domestic trade complex was opened and the XXI meeting of the World Association of Connoisseurs of Turkmen Carpet and the international conference “Turkmen Carpet - Sample of Beauty” were held.

During the forum, in which numerous leaders and leading specialists of museums, scientists, art historians, business connoisseurs of this applied art from Russia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and other countries joined the participation through video communication, reports on the history, the present day and the prospects for the development of the Turkmen art of carpet weaving. Other topics were also covered, contributing to the understanding of the life-affirming philosophy inherent in carpet weaving and the richest cultural and historical experience of our people.

There were also speeches that touched upon topical issues of studying the history of the development of hand-made carpet weaving in different countries of the world, mutual influence and enrichment of the traditions of arts and crafts of the peoples of the world.

As noted, handmade Turkmen carpets have always been in great demand in the world as an item of great artistic value. Their ancient examples are on display in museums, exhibition halls and art galleries in many countries. The Turkmen carpet continues its triumphal march across the planet, becoming a “visiting card” of our people, who carried the secrets of unique art through the centuries and millennia.

Today, the National Museum of Turkmen Carpet hosted a celebration of the leaders of production, who, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the country, were awarded the honorary title “Honored Carpet Maker of Turkmenistan” for their great services in the development of the national art of carpet weaving, conscientious, selfless work and professional skill.

In honor of the holiday, meetings, exhibitions, scientific conferences, creative contests, concerts and other events dedicated to the national heritage - the Turkmen carpet were held throughout the country.

A festive gift for workers in the industry, as well as for numerous Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital, was a large concert of art masters organized by the State Association “Türkmenhaly” (“Turkmenkover”) and the Ministry of Culture in the capital's song and music center “Ashgabat”.

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