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IE “Rovshen ayakgaplary” plans to increase the production of women's and children's shoes

IE “Rovshen ayakgaplary” plans to increase the production of women's and children's shoes

At the XX International Universal Exhibition “White City of Ashgabat”, domestic entrepreneurs clearly declared their achievements.

“Rovshen ayakgaplary”, an individual footwear manufacturing company, presented new models of children's, women's and sports shoes.

Among the new products are the current seasonal shoes with perforated upper, as well as footwear for the military. The company pays special attention to footwear for schoolchildren.

“Rovshen ayakgaplary” production is located in Mary. More than 30 branded stores of the brand are open throughout Turkmenistan. On the company's website, you can familiarize yourself with the addresses of stores, as well as buy shoes online.

Founded in 2003, “Rovshen ayakgaplary” is the first footwear company in Turkmenistan and one of the most popular. Due to the high demand for products, IP regularly increases production volumes, creates new lines of footwear.

The company produces footwear made of genuine leather, taking into account the comfort, convenience and health of people. The outer part of the shoe is made from bovine leather. For the manufacture of the inner more delicate part of the shoe, the leather of small ruminants is used.

Now “Rovshen ayakgaplary” pays special attention to the production of children's and women's shoes and in the future they plan to increase its production.

This exhibition for the company's specialists is a good opportunity to attract the attention of new partners, both local and foreign, to its production.

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