Ashgabat coworking center launches new project Biznes Nokady

Ashgabat coworking center launches new project Biznes Nokady

Another new project, Biznes Nokady, is being launched by the “Ish Nokady” co-working center.

Biznes Nokady is a business club that brings together successful businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Its mission is to create a close-knit community of business representatives who achieve success and are aimed at developing the private sector of our country.

Biznes Nokady is:

  • A friendly community of business people, close in spirit, focused on the development of entrepreneurship in Turkmenistan, who appreciate and understand the importance of open communication with each other;
  • A platform for constructive communication, the formation of joint projects, business development strategies and their implementation;
  • A place where the entrepreneurial life of every resident is organically intertwined with creativity, entertainment, sports and travel.

The Business Club is a closed community, so you need to contact @biznesnokady to join.

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