A child with unique abilities was revealed at a children's creative competition in Lebap

A child with unique abilities was revealed at a children's creative competition in Lebap

In the House of Culture of Turkmenabat, where the velayat competition under the motto “Gifted Generation of the Era of Happiness” was held for children aged 3 to 7, the phenomenon of first-grader Kiyas Rejepov from secondary school No. 9 of Sayat etrap was revealed. This was reported by the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.

Kiyas can pronounce any word and even phrases the other way around.

The amazing skill of the child was revealed last fall, which is the merit of his teacher Ilyich Hemraev. In the etrap stage of the competition in the nomination “amazing abilities”, Kiyas impressed everyone with his skill, unconditionally taking first place and getting the right to perform at the level of the velayat.

In an interview with a journalist of the newspaper, Kiyas said that he does not visualize the words spoken, but immediately reads them by ear, on the contrary. His favorite subject at school is mathematics.

Also, Gulhan Aliyeva had no equal in the “Sport” nomination. The pupil of the senior group of kindergarten No. 26 of the velayat center demonstrated her mature skill to play chess, beyond her years.

The girl does everything at the chessboard in an adult way: she makes combinations, predicts the intentions of her opponents, fits into the allotted time and competently writes down the moves. Moreover, she has been studying at the city specialized chess school number 13 for only six months.

The fact that she is rapidly progressing is a great merit of her coach - in the past three-time champion of Turkmenistan Guljahan Ovlyakulieva (for the first time she won this title as a student of the ninth grade - still an unsurpassed achievement).

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