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«Yusupowa Selbi Style» Fashion House will take part in a design competition

«Yusupowa Selbi Style» Fashion House will take part in a design competition

On May 7, Ashgabat will host a creative competition among fashion designers called «Modern outfits in the era of happiness», organized by the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan. This competition is timed to coincide with the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the Turkmen capital, which will be solemnly celebrated at the end of May.

Among the design houses that have announced their participation in the competition is the «Yusupowa Selbi Style» Fashion House. Created just a year ago, this fashion house has already gained popularity among connoisseurs of designer clothes in the capital, and not only that: in March 2021, the «Yusupowa Selbi Style» Fashion House won the Crystal Lily competition for wedding salons in the Best Evening Collection nomination, conquering the judges with a luxurious combination of the national Turkmen style with romantic motives in their models.

According to the creator of the brand, style consultant Selbi Yusupova, she always wanted to design clothes and create something new in this direction. Often she herself acts as a model to showcase her work. The experience of achievements and distinctive original style allows «Yusupowa Selbi Style» to be again among the winners of the competition.

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