Rest on the Caspian coast will be available again in Turkmenistan

Rest on the Caspian coast will be available again in Turkmenistan

After a one-year break, Turkmenistan will again have an opportunity to relax on the coast of the Caspian Sea. This was announced at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held today.

As the Minister of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan Nurmuhammet Amannepesov reported, the summer holiday season in the “Avaza” National tourist zone is determined from June 1 to September 15 this year. Moreover, in the period from June 1 to June 15, half of the total area of hotels and cottages will be used, and then, taking into account the favorable epidemiological situation, it is planned to expand the area.

According to him, the Extraordinary Commission of Turkmenistan for Combating the Spread of Diseases, which visited the Balkan velayat for this purpose on April 13, is engaged in preparing for the summer season, creating conditions for a full and peaceful rest of citizens.

In this regard, it is envisaged to create a Control Center for the urgent solution of issues arising during the rest. The relevant ministries and departments are invited to study the issues of ensuring an organized trip of citizens to the “Avaza” NTZ and their return. On a systematic basis, water, air and soil samples will be taken at certain points on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea and a report on the research results will be regularly presented at meetings of the Commission.

The minister also said that it is proposed to determine the time for children to rest in the country's health resorts from June 2 to August 26. For children living in the city of Ashgabat and velayats - in the health and entertainment centers of NTZ “Avaza”, for children from Ashgabat and the Ahal velayat - in children's camps in Gokdere, and for children from the regions - in the corresponding recreation and entertainment camps in the territories of these velayats.

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed the need for thorough preparation of health-improving complexes in the “Avaza” National tourist zone for the upcoming summer holiday season.

According to the head of state, “the condition for rest here is very simple - every person, having been vaccinated against the coronavirus, can rest here in peace”.

“It is necessary, in accordance with the requirements, to prepare children's health centers in the cities and velayats of the country for the season. It is necessary to vaccinate the workers of these health resorts against coronavirus and keep the observance of sanitary standards in these centers under strict control,” Berdimuhamedov said.

In this regard, the head of state gave specific instructions to the relevant leaders, instructing them to organize transport routes to places of rest and back, to take measures to provide hotels and children's health centers with sufficient amounts of food products, as well as to work on organizing concerts and other cultural events for interesting leisure of people, according to the State News Agency of Turkmenistan.

Recall that restrictions on the rest of citizens in the “Avaza” National tourist zone and swimming in the Caspian Sea were introduced in May last year due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the region and the world.

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