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In the Mary velayat of Turkmenistan, the volume of harvesting bananas increases

In the Mary velayat of Turkmenistan, the volume of harvesting bananas increases

As reports the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan” in the greenhouse of the “Ferhar” economic society in the “Gengesh” farmstead of the Sakarchagin etrap, the volume of banana harvesting is increasing every year.

Last fall, during the harvesting season, about 70 tons of fruits were harvested here, which is 20 tons more than in 2019.

From the inside, the greenhouse is strikingly different from those where, for example, tomatoes, cucumbers or even lemons are grown.The plants here are one meter thick and over six meters high.

How did the workers of ES “Ferhar” manage to increase the volume of the banana crop with the same greenhouse area of about one hectare?

Technological engineer of the economic community Rejepgeldy Tashliev said:

Without creating the necessary conditions for plants in the greenhouse, under which they can fully develop, it is hardly possible to achieve any results. Here you can talk about a lot. And about ensuring the temperature regime, air humidity and compliance with agricultural standards. We could not have been unaware of this when we discussed the idea of growing bananas. But it turned out that knowledge alone is not enough. You had to be able to apply them. We understood this well in practice and for three years now we have been accumulating experience and actively using it. This led to an increase in collection volumes.Today we already know how to grow banana tree seedlings. And this creates new perspectives for the business community. Therefore, our head Batyrmyrat Orazsahedov is already thinking about renting new areas to expand the greenhouse economy. So it is quite possible that in the near future the volume of our supplies to the domestic market may increase significantly.

Banana farm of Batyrmyrat Orazsakhedov today is the only one in the Murgap valley. Its products are currently sold in many retail outlets in the region, as well as in other velayats of the country. This is, of course, a concrete contribution of the team to the successful implementation of the import substitution policy initiated by the head of state, the source said.

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