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A boutique of famous brands of luxury dishware opened in Ashgabat

A boutique of famous brands of luxury dishware opened in Ashgabat

In Ashgabat, on the ground floor of the “Altyn Zaman” shopping center, “M Crystal”, a boutique of luxury dishware brands, has recently opened its doors. Only here you can buy products of such famous brands as Wedgwood, Waterford, Rosenthal, Sambonet, Moser.

“M Crystal” is the exclusive dealer of these brands in Turkmenistan. All products of the boutique are environmentally friendly, passed all necessary tests, certified.

“M Crystal” specialist says:

- For lovers of products of legendary brands of luxury tableware, we have a lot of proposals. For example, only here you can buy the famous Czech crystal Moser - the best in the world in terms of its artistic value and quality. Moser is the official crystal supplier for royal courts and presidential palaces.

And here, Rosenthal porcelain products - the name of the brand combines modern design and high art. Rosenthal is always luxurious items, without which modern interiors, decoration of dining tables and simply delight in beauty are inconceivable. Curious fact: Rosenthal founder Philippe Rosenthal's career started with washing dishes!

True fans of tea ceremonies, of course, know Wedgwood tea porcelain. Porcelain and faience of this English company have been called “royal” since 1762! Now the most popular Wedgwood product is the so-called bone china. It is made on the basis of three components - porcelain stone, special clay and crushed animal bones, which contain calcium. A coffee cup placed under the wheels of a Rolls-Royce can withstand the pressure of a huge machine. In our store, can be purchased both the Wedgwood service and individual items.

In short, to get acquainted with the full range of luxury dishware, you need to visit the boutique in person, plunge into the history of each brand, admire the perfect shapes and unsurpassed quality.

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865656565 ( 07/03/2021 )

Эты бренды для кого?У них цены дорогой

865656565 ( 07/03/2021 )