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Winter will return soon: strong frosts are expected

Winter will return soon: strong frosts are expected

A cold north-west cyclone is advancing on the territory of Turkmenistan, which has “frozen” the European part of Russia. After almost summer heat last week, the temperature gradually dropped to moderate climatic norms, and in the coming days, according to weather forecasters, the decline will continue to minus indicators and precipitation in the form of wet snow and snow with rain.

The weather will not last long, but the temperature will drop significantly across the country. Thus, in the capital from 23 to 24 February it is expected from +2 +4 to -6 -8 degrees and up to 4 cm of snow cover.

In Dashoguz velayat, frosts are expected to be -16 -18 degrees Celsius, in the Balkan velayat to -15 degrees Celsius, and in Ahal to -12 degrees Celsius. In Mary velayatthe temperature will drop to -11, the warmest will be in the south of Lebap velayat - up to -9 degrees, but in the north the frost will drop to -15.

The last winter attack will not last long, on average about three days, and from February 27 already warming will begin. 


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