An annual plan for the placement of crops in velayats approved in Turkmenistan

An annual plan for the placement of crops in velayats approved in Turkmenistan

The President of Turkmenistan signed a Resolution approving a plan for the placement of agricultural crops in velayats in 2021, according to which 1,393,120 hectares of land will be allocated for crops.

The document was signed “in order to successfully continue reforms on the placement of crops according to their types in accordance with the soil and climatic conditions of velayats and etraps, as well as to further increase the volume of agricultural production through the use of scientifically grounded crop rotation and increase crop yields”.

As Deputy Prime Minister Esenmyrat Orazgeldiev said at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the country, having concluded contracts with producers, will purchase their products at a negotiated price, and also, in accordance with agrotechnical standards, will provide the farmer with high-quality cotton seeds and technical service, irrigation water and mineral fertilizers.

After listening to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pointed out the importance of further increasing the production of vegetables, fruits and melons in the country, which is designed to help meet the demand of the population for high-quality, environmentally friendly agricultural products.

The head of state noted the need for timely implementation of agrotechnical measures, the introduction of advanced experience and the use of scientifically grounded crop rotation, and ordered to carry out the sowing of cotton at the optimal time, to ensure proper care for winter wheat in order to collect rich harvests of these crops this year, the newspaper reports today. Neutral Turkmenistan”.


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