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Turkmenpochta resumes international delivery services


The postal company Turkmenpochta has resumed international delivery services. The management of the company informed Turkmenportal about this today.

As a result of negotiations with postal operators of neighboring countries, since January, Turkmenpochta has established land and air postal communications with 47 countries of the world. The list of available directions can be found by calling 075.

Small packages, letters and parcels are accepted for shipment to the indicated countries. It should be noted that the list of destinations will be updated as other operators announce this possibility.

Transportation and processing of mail is carried out in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards, so the recipients have no cause for concern.

The forwarding of domestic postal items through the territory of Turkmenistan is carried out as usual.

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daniyar01101970 ( 08.05.2021 )

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