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“Hyjuvly Lachin” develops versatility

“Hyjuvly Lachin” develops versatility

IE “Hyjuvly Lachin” offers the residents of Ashgabat and other cities of the country the services of recruiting and real estate agencies, and, also, private mortgage construction. 

“Hyjuvly Lachin” is more than ten years on the market. At the beginning the work of the company was limited to the work with real estate and construction, and only later “Hyjuvly Lachin” starts to master the field of recruiting.

Moreover, “Hyjuvly Lachin” in tandem with the JSCB “Rysgal” bank executes the projects on mortgage construction of houses and cottages on a “turnkey” basis, the loan is provided for a period of 10 years.

One of the last directions of the work of “Hyjuvly Lachin” is the execution of professional translation of the documents.


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