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Dates of possible evacuation flight from Turkmenistan to Russia announced in 2021


Next year two evacuation flights from Turkmenistan to Russia are planned: on 25th and 30th of January. It was reported by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Turkmenistan A.Blohin during online briefing for mass media representatives. 

“There will be next flights. At least there is agreement with the government of the Russian Federation: January 25 and 30”, the diplomat said.

It should be reminded that on 25th of December of this year also an evacuation flight is planned to be organized. Basically, this flight will take off citizens of Russia who are currently on the territory of Turkmenistan, as well as citizens of foreign states whose entry into the Russian Federation is allowed on the basis of the order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 635-r dated March 16, 2020.

The ambassador clarified that all flights will be organized from Turkmenabat and expressed a hope that they will manage to take out the main part of people who want to leave.


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