Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the World Food Program

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the World Food Program

Norwegian Nobel committee decided to award the Nobel Prize 2020 to the World Food Program of UNO (WFP) for its efforts in hunger reduction, for contribution in development of the conditions for peace in districts, touched by the conflict and for execution of moving role in prevention of hunger use as the mean of war conduction. It is reported in the press release of the Nobel committee. 

World Food Program is the largest in the world humanitarian organization engaged in hunger reduction and promoting food safety. In 2019 WFO helped almost 100 million people in 88 countries who were the victims of acute food shortage and hunger.

In 2015 hunger elimination was adopted as one of the Sustainable Development Goals of UNO. WFO is the main tool of UNO for reaching of this aim. In the recent years, the situation took negative direction. In 2019 135 million people suffered hunger, and this number became the highest one for many years. Most of the growth was caused by war and armed conflicts, states in the press release. 

Coronavirus pandemic gave a boost for sharp increase in numbers of hunger victims.  World Food Program demonstrated impressive capacity in intensifying of its efforts as pandemic response.  As announced the organization itself “Until we don’t have a vaccine, food is the best medicine from chaos”. 

If World Food Program and other organizations occupied with rendering food assistance will not receive asked financial support, it would cause world’s inconceivable hunger crisis.

By awarding Peace Nobel Prize this year, the Nobel committee wants to   draw attention to millions of people starving or are in threat of hunger. 

The work of World Food Program for the benefit of mankind is the aspiration, which all countries must approve and support.

Oslo, 9th of October 2020.


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