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Online betting on horse racing to be introduced in Turkmenistan

Online betting on horse racing to be introduced in Turkmenistan

Horse racing online betting on will be introduced in Turkmenistan. It was announced by the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov during working videoconference regarding the development of agricultural complex. 

“Taking into account the great interest of our people in horse racing, it would make sense, to use betting by using the capabilities of the digital system. This will contribute to an increase in the number of valuers of Ahalteke horses and an promotion in interest in Turkmen equestrian sports abroad, and domestic fans in horse racing” said Berdimuhamedov, giving appropriate instructions in this direction.

Separate instructions applied to the preservation of cleanness of Ahalteke horses on the country by increasing the number and development of Ahalteke horse breeding national art.

Moreover, the Leader of the nation ordered to conduct actions on organization of different horse-riding competitions by learning from experience of foreign states in the sphere, as well as on promotion of new specialists.

As it was highlighted by the President of Turkmenistan, it is ought to keep equestrian centres in proper condition by executing fixing and maintenance works, increase the income of these complexes, conduct an analysis in order to find out additional opportunities and prepare corresponding proposals, states today’s newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”. 


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