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Delegation of Turkmenistan took part in the 19th Ministerial Conference of CAREC member countries

Delegation of Turkmenistan took part in the 19th Ministerial Conference of CAREC member countries

The issues of strengthening interaction in order to restore economic stability and growth, employment of the population and job creation, as well as macroeconomic prospects in the post-pandemic period were included in the agenda of the 19th Ministerial Conference of the member countries of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program (CAREC).

The Turkmen delegation, headed by the Minister of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan, who is the CAREC National Coordinator, included the representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Turkmenistan, the central Bank, the State Committee on Statistics, the Institute of state, right and democracy. 

The representatives of relevant international partnerships were also invited to participate in the Ministerial Conference on the topic “People-centered regional cooperation in the post-COVID-19 environment”.

During the session, the special message of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the chairman of the CAREC this year, the speech of the President of the Asian Development Bank and the statement of the World Bank were listened.

The CAREC tourism, gender strategy and the Results matrix of this program, calculated until 2030, were submitted for consideration and approval by the participants of the video meeting as the main reporting documents.

In this regards it should be noticed that taking a proactive position in the consolidation of efforts to develop coordinated solutions to pressing problems of our time, Turkmenistan undertakes consecutive steps on activation of mutually profitable partnership in the region and, overall, in global terms.  

As reports the State News Agency of Turkmenistan, per the results of the 19th Ministerial Conference the Joint Application was adopted, where progress in the implementation of the CAREC Program Strategy until 2030 was noted, the parties' commitment to regional cooperation was reaffirmed to solve new problems and realize the existing economic potential. 

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