The XIII international online conference "Türkmentel-2020" starts in Turkmenistan»

The XIII international online conference "Türkmentel-2020" starts in Turkmenistan»

The XIII international online conference on digital economy and innovative technologies of Turkmenistan "Türkmentel-2020" will start tomorrow

"Türkmentel-2020" is of great importance in the exchange of experience between Turkmen specialists and foreign partners with advanced technologies, as well as in the further establishment of active cooperation and discussion of promising projects, the President of Turkmenistan noted.

The forum, which will be held in the building of the chamber of Commerce and industry, will be attended by foreign scientists, experts and businessmen via videoconference.

The extensive program of the conference includes issues related to the introduction of the digital economy and the development of international cooperation, the implementation of projects in the information and telecommunications sector and the provision of reliable and high-quality services.

The focus will be on such issues as the satellite network and best practices in the session "the Pace of development and systems of the future", the development of local and cellular communication systems in the session "Building a unified national communication system", cybersecurity in the progressive and developing digital world in the session "Digitalization, globalization of communications and increased requirements for cybersecurity and data protection".

The conference will be attended by the heads of the International telecommunication Union, the European telecommunications standards Institute, the Association of European satellite operators (ESOA), the international telecommunication Union of the CIS countries and other organizations.

The sessions will be attended by representatives of the management team of such leading communications companies as NOKIA (Central Asia and Eastern Europe division), Monaco S. A. M., Thales group, a leading developer of BI ZONE cybersecurity solutions, and others.

Representatives of digital service providers will tell about their projects: domestic "Türkmentelekom", "AzerTelecom", "Delta Telecom" (Azerbaijan), "Rostelecom" (Russia) and others.

The conference will open at 14: 00 local time.

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