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The Turkmen passport is getting stronger

The Turkmen passport is getting stronger

Turkmenistan has improved its position in the world passport ranking compiled by Henley & Partners. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the Turkmen passport rose three places and took 87th place (90th place in 2019).

The" strength " of a passport, according to this rating, is measured by the number of countries that a passport holder can enter either without a visa or by obtaining a visa upon entry.

Citizens of Turkmenistan can travel without a visa or get a visa on the spot in 53 countries of the world.

The strongest passport in the world is held by Japanese citizens. Residents of the land of the rising sun can visit 191 countries without a visa. The second place is taken by the Singapore passport (190 countries). South Korea and Germany are in third place (189). Afghanistan closes the rating: with this passport, you can visit 26 countries of the world without a visa.

Henley & Partners, an international consulting company, specializes in developing government programs for granting citizenship and residence permits through investment. and also on the provision of services in this field to private individuals. The company is known for creating the visa restrictions index together with the International air transport Association.  

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mak ( 09.11.2020 )

Опубликуйте эти страны! Если они есть.

resuldovlet0494 ( 10.11.2020 )