YouTube analog from Turkmen developers

YouTube analog from Turkmen developers

The Turkmen developer of mobile applications "JAN Tehnologiýa" has launched "Belet video" - an application similar in its functions to YouTube.

The app is paid - 10 manats per month, but the first 7 days are free for testing.

The user is offer an extensive list of channels to view and to subscribe. This includes world-famous news feeds-Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Euronews, some Russian TV and radio channels such as TNT, STS, Europe Plus, Autoradio, Comedy Club show, heads and Tails, Evening Urgant, what happened next, KVN and so on. There are also channels for watching movies and cartoons for children, videos about animals, channels about various types of Hobbies, humorous, sports, educational and much more. 

The app's interface is intuitive and easy to view.

The app is currently available in beta, meaning users are actively testing it. It is a collection of specific content from YouTube. You can download the app in the Play Market.

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marketintm ( 07/11/2020 )

А что, Интересно. Туда можно будет свой ролик опубликовать? Ролик маленький, чисто о нашей студии

amanturkmen ( 25/11/2020 )

Пишу от имени разработчиков приложения. Простите за поздний ответ. Позвоните нам 750208 , опубликуем ваши видео у нас.