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Russia will cooperate with Turkmenistan in the field of security

Russia will cooperate with Turkmenistan in the field of security

Deputies of the State Duma today ratified the agreement between the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan on cooperation in the field of security, reports TASS.

This document was submitted for ratification By Russian President Vladimir Putin in August.

The agreement was signed in Moscow on April 10, 2003. It provides that Turkmenistan and Russia will cooperate in the fight against international terrorism, organized crime, economic crimes, and crimes against transport security.

In addition, the document provides for a joint fight between the parties against drug trafficking, legalization (laundering) of income obtained illegally, illegal migration and smuggling. The subject of the agreement is also cooperation "in the field of environmental safety and environmental protection".

It is emphasized that the document is not directed against third States and does not affect the rights and obligations of the parties arising from other international treaties.

Countries will hold regular consultations on issues of mutual interest.

Thus, according to the agreement, the parties must prevent use of its territory to the detriment of each other, and in the event of a threat to international peace and security consultations to coordinate their positions and take measures to eliminate the threat.

Recall that diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and Russia were established on April 8, 1992. The basic document defining cooperation between the parties at present is the Treaty of friendship and cooperation of April 23, 2002 (replaced the similar Treaty of July 31, 1992).

Russian-Turkmen relations are based on the principle of strategic partnership, which is stipulated in the bilateral agreement on expanding strategic cooperation in the field of energy and mechanical engineering of December 22, 2009 and the interstate agreement on strategic partnership signed on October 2, 2017 in Ashgabat (entered into force in August 2018).

In total, Russia and Turkmenistan have signed more than 170 agreements covering all areas of cooperation.

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