Turkmenistan is increasing its exports of gasoline ECO-93

Turkmenistan is increasing its exports of gasoline ECO-93

The customs of the Akhal velayat increased the volume of exports of ECO-93 motor gasoline in the first eight months of 2020, the official website of the State customs service of Turkmenistan reports.

The export of ECO-93 motor gasoline, diesel fraction and liquefied gas is currently carried out at the “Diyar” customs post of the Akhal velayat customs to Russia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Denmark.

Eco-friendly fuel from Turkmen natural gas is produced by a new plant in the country's Akhal velayat, which opened in June 2019.

As a result of increased demand, work is underway to increase the volume of production of these products.

According to the results of inspections, when using ESO-93 gasoline, the carbon monoxide content in the car exhaust gases is 0.03%, while according to current standards it should not be higher than 0.5%. At the same time, no hydrocarbons are released in the exhaust at all. When using ESO-93 gasoline, harmful emissions of sulfur oxide are reduced by 50 times, nitrogen oxide by 5 times, carbon monoxide by 2 times, and hydrocarbon by up to 20%. With regular refueling with ECO-93 gasoline, less carbon is generated in the engine, which doubles its service life.

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