Russian and Indian teams received gold medals in online chess Olympiad

Russian and Indian teams received gold medals in online chess Olympiad

President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Arkadiy Dvorkovich decided to award gold medals of the world online chess Olympiad to the teams of Russia and India, the press service of the organization reports.

The first match of the final between Russian and Indian chess players ended in a draw — 3:3. in all six games, the opponents parted in peace. In the second match, the Russians beat their opponents with a score of 4.5: 1.5. Later, the Indian side appealed against this result, because in the second match, two players of the Indian national team had problems with their Internet connection.

It turned out that the connection problems were not with the chess players, but with the server of the site where the games were played. The appeal was accepted, and both

Teams-Russia and India — were recognized as winners of the fide online Olympiad.

The rules of online chess are just being formed today, so overlays are almost inevitable.

Note that the chess Olympiad was held in an online format for the first time in history. Initially, it was supposed to be held in the usual format from 6 to 17 August in Moscow. In total, 163 national online teams and about 1,500 chess players took part in the competition.

The first fide world online chess Olympiad was also attended by the national team of Turkmenistan, which competed in the tournament with the teams of the Philippines, Indonesia, Germany, Belarus, Australia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan. Turkmen chess players finished eighth in group A of the second division and failed to qualify for the playoffs.

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