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In Turkmenistan, the resulting inflow of natural gas from new wells

In Turkmenistan, the resulting inflow of natural gas from new wells

The “Tajibay” gas field, located in the South of the Lebap velayat, has received a new industrial inflow of natural gas with a daily flow rate of 400 thousand cubic meters, the electronic newspaper "Nebit-gaz" reports.

Specialists of the expedition "Lebapnebitgazgozleg" Of the state Corporation "Turkmengeologiya" conducted a successful sinking of a search well at a promising site in Karakum. The productive layer of the new well lies at a depth of 3700 meters.

High-performance equipment and equipment available in the management Arsenal of "Turkmengeologiya" group allow increasing the speed and quality of drilling operations.

The “Tajibay” gas field was commissioned in December 2019. Specialists of the Lebap gas production Department of the state concern "Turkmengaz" have already received tens of millions of cubic meters of gas from the first production well. In the coming years, due to the commissioning of new production wells, natural gas production will significantly increase.

Turkmenistan's hydrocarbon resources are estimated at more than 71 billion tons of oil equivalent, of which more than 20 billion tons of oil and more than 50 trillion. cubic meters of natural gas.

Earlier we wrote that the gas workers of the Yoloten etrap are preparing for the autumn-winter season.

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