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Ashgabat has installed new systems that determine the average speed of vehicles

Ashgabat has installed new systems that determine the average speed of vehicles

In order to improve road safety and prevent road accidents, specialists of the road supervision Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Turkmenistan have introduced a new speed control system in the territory of Ashgabat – calculating the average speed of vehicles.

The principle of operation of the system is based on measuring the time for which the vehicle has passed the distance between the two recorders, and then calculating the average speed of the vehicle based on the values of time and distance traveled.

If the speed limit is exceeded between two points, the owner of the vehicle will automatically be brought to justice on the basis of article 214 Of the code of administrative offences of Turkmenistan.

In addition, the implemented system detects other traffic violations. For example, violations of the rules for using seat belts, talking on the phone, eating, drinking, etc.

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DurdYMERET ( 10/08/2020 )

Вот она нов хау!

mukam3331 ( 10/08/2020 )

Читаешь новость, когда уже оплатил 34 выписанных штрафа за привышенный лимит)

DurdYMERET ( 11/08/2020 )

Хех я 5 заплатиль эта камера по ходу и 67км/час берет за высокую скорость

portalturkmen ( 10/08/2020 )

Интересно, а если вместо положенных 60 ехать по 67км/ч, тогда штраф будет или люфт в 10 км остался? Здесь почему возник такой вопрос, потому что скорость при преодоление 850 м за 50 секунд получается не 60, а 61,2км/ч.