Turkmen diesel fuel supplies to Ukraine resumed

Turkmen diesel fuel supplies to Ukraine resumed

Today, the arrival of the Navigator-2 tanker from the port of Turkmenbashi with 4,000 tons of Turkmen diesel fuel is expected in the port of Zaporozhye, reports ukrrudprom.com, referring to enkorr.

Another vessel with 4,000 tons of diesel fuel, according to the source, from Turkmenbashi is sent to the port of Nikolaev.

The recipient of both batches of fuel is one of the largest marine importers of diesel fuel for the first half of the year - the company “Alliance Energy trade", and the organizer of deliveries, according to available information - Skywalk Trading.

“Due to the fall in world prices for oil and petroleum products, Ukraine has suspended deliveries of Turkmen diesel fuel. The growth of prices in the Mediterranean, the supply is again resumed,” — said one of traders.

The last direct deliveries of diesel fuel from Turkmenistan were noted in October last year. The total volume of deliveries of Turkmen diesel fuel to Ukraine in 2019 was 107 thousand tons (15% of the total volume of sea imports). One of the main points of delivery of the Turkmen resource is the port of Zaporozhye, which received about 35 thousand tons in 2019.

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