Construction of the second stage of a cement plant has started in Lebap

Construction of the second stage of a cement plant has started in Lebap

Construction of the second stage of the cement plant started in the Koytendag etrap of the Lebap velayat, "Turkmenistan: The Golden age" reports.

Currently, technical documentation is being developed and the territory is being prepared for laying the foundations of production and auxiliary facilities of the industrial zone, which will cover an area of more than 37 hectares.

Construction is carried out by the economic society "Turkmen enjam" - a member of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. In 2.5 years, the company will have to perform a large amount of construction and installation work, as well as adjustment of technological and auxiliary equipment, bring in electric, water, gas supply and Sewerage systems, and the railway. The facility is expected to be commissioned in 2022.

The necessary raw materials for the production of cement-limestone, clay, gypsum, quartz sand-are extracted here.

In the course of geological exploration in the bowels of the Magdanly-Garlyk district in the Koytendag etrap, the presence of more than 30 types of minerals and other minerals has been confirmed.

The region contains the largest deposits of rock and potash salt, gypsum, anhydrides, and Celestine used in the electronics industry, as well as germanium, cerium, tantalum, rubidium and other rare earth metals.

This year, the Koytendag Department of non-metallic materials was created on the basis of raw materials, where a wide range of building materials is produced.

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