Azerbaijan resumed container transportation to Turkmenistan

Azerbaijan resumed container transportation to Turkmenistan

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping company (ASCO) CJSC has restored container transportation in the direction of Alyat (Azerbaijan) – Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan) and back since June 2020, the official website of the shipping company reports.

According to the information, for efficient and fast transportation in this direction, ASCO has placed dry cargo vessels belonging to the shipping company's transport fleet at the disposal of customers.

Special facilities for disinfection of road and rail transport have been constructed and put into operation at the existing entry points in Turkmenistan. If necessary, phyto sanitary fumigation of plant-based cargo is carried out. 

In order to carry out transit transport in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological measures taken to prevent coronavirus from entering the territory of Turkmenistan, cargo at the checkpoint after disinfection is loaded onto Turkmen cars, delivered to the state border and transferred to foreign consignees.

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