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Colin's, Zolla, Modis and Zara brands import jeans from Turkmenistan

Colin's, Zolla, Modis and Zara brands import jeans from Turkmenistan

High quality and environmental friendliness of denim products from the Ashgabat Denim complex named after Turkmenbashi currently makes it competitive and in demand in Poland, Greece, England and the United States, the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan" reports.

— "We are trusted to fulfill orders from such world-famous companies as Colin's, Zolla, Modis. In particular, a new line is created on the basis of the company's brands Colin's and Zara, every sample we offer clients fashionable European accessories," said the specialist of the planning Department Jean complex Nurjahan Begjanova in an interview with "NT".

— "In the jubilee year, which is held under the motto "Turkmenistan is the homeland of Neutrality", we strive to present our domestic denim products to consumers with dignity, and expand our export opportunities. in order to maintain the "Made in Turkmenistan" trademark and the national Bedew brand at a constantly high level, expand the geographical distribution of our products, we began to pay increased attention to improving the quality and compliance of products with environmental safety requirements. The necessary measures were taken, as a result of which the complex was awarded certificates ISO 9001 "production management and quality control System", ISO 14001 “Environmental protection”, as well as OHSAS 18001 “Occupational health and safety at the enterprise”. In addition, we apply the WRAP standards "Global responsibility in the production of ready-to-wear", Nurjahan Begjanova noted.

Recall that the team of the Ashgabat Denim complex has started to release a new line of fashionable summer clothing. These are men's and women's trousers, children's overalls and shorts, shirts for children and adults, children's dresses and sundresses with embroidery and patterns based on laser technology.

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